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  • The Power of Emotions

    31 August at 19:38 from atlas

    The Power of Emotions.

    I have been thinking long and hard about this topic. In my opinion we all have (including our pets and other animals) emotional stressors, which can, and do, lead to dis-ease. This is what I call Emotional trauma. We see, hear and misconstrue or torment ourselves with the meanings we place on our own worries / concerns, in our mind. We then decide what life should look like now, from past experiences, and these have a negative impact on each individual's spiritual and emotional state of health. We start worrying, becoming fearful and mull over things we feel unable to control.

    It all comes back to simple physics and is a loss of energy within cells and organs of the body due to reduced life giving nutrition and inadequate oxygen levels. Negative energy constantly eroding our peace of mind, will set up a cascade of responses that ultimately cause stress and tension within the body, and in turn cause a decline in the flexibility of cells, tissue structures and their functions. 

    I think most health issues come back to the fear response to anything we hear or perceive as negative and cause a body response to this discomfort. This in my opinion is caused by modern day malnutrition (due to reduced food quality, sprays and soil depletion) and emotional stress.

    I work with people and animals, to support them, as they go on their own individual healing journey.

    There are a myriad of health problems in society, with many individuals fearful of going to their health practitioners, in case of negative diagnoses and the side effects of the medications that are prescribed. There are also many individuals who bravely go to their health professional, take their words as gospel and rule out the possibility of changes they can make in their lives that can make a positive difference to healing the dis-ease or improving their quality of life.

    I always wonder how much of the modern vitamins and minerals (mass produced) sold off the shelf, actually get absorbed and also if there is too much being used or prescribed in an unbalanced way, creating other health issues.

    We need absorbable and balanced nutrition from nature, not over processed and laboratory produced nutrition, medication and supplements. A body in balance, is able to welcome the healing process's it needs, to the degree it allows.

      What I can Offer.

    Healing and rejuvenation comes from within the individual with nature supporting this process.

    I have seen results from the supportive treatment plans, involving nutrition, lifestyle and Herbal or Homeobotanical formulas, which blow my mind.

    What I put this down to, is the individual's positive frame of mind, commitment / focus, working through the plan, discovering the constructive power within them and being able to put life situations back into proper perspective.

    The power of nature will always win over the power of negativity.

    Come and have a consultation and see how I can assist. I never over prescribe and definitely do not give you things you do NOT need. I keep things simple.

    For farming and garden situations I look at all elements that are necessary for the health of soil, water and animals which can be corrected over time for the health of all (including people).


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